Pension investment fund information

Heritage Equitable Life customers

These are the Utmost investments funds currently available to you for your pension policy. In brackets is the old Equitable fund name.

Investing by Age Strategy (for pensions)

Investing by Age is designed to provide a simple solution for pension policyholders. You don’t need to make any choices about what to invest in yourself. Instead, investment professionals spread your money across a broad range of investments based on your age.

The strategy aims to help you grow your savings while you are younger, by investing more of your money in shares. As you get older, your money gradually shifts into more conservative investments such as government bonds and cash, with the aim of protecting you from significant falls in the value of your savings.

For more information on Investing by Age please visit Investing by Age (for heritage Equitable pensions)

Multi-Asset funds

Multi-Asset Cautious

Multi-Asset Moderate

Multi-Asset Growth

Self-select funds

UK FTSE All Share Tracker (All-Share Tracker)

UK Equity (Pelican)

Asia Pacific Equity (Far Eastern)

European Equity (European)

Global Equity (International)

US Equity (North American)

Managed (Managed)

Bond funds

Sterling Corporate Bond

UK Government Bond (Gilt and Fixed Interest)

Money Market funds

Money Market (Money Fund)

International policyholders

For our International policyholders there are currently two funds available.

US Dollar Global Equity (Global Equity)

US Dollar Global Bond (Global Bond)

Additional information can be found by clicking the link below:

Investment Funds

Customers already with Utmost before January 2020

There are currently three Utmost investments funds available to you for your pension policy.

These are:

Utmost Pension Managed Fund

Utmost Pension Equity Fund

Utmost Pension Deposit Fund

How to find out more

Additional information can be found by clicking the link below:

Investment Funds

You’ll need to review your investment fund choice regularly to make sure you are still comfortable with the level of risk you are taking, as this may change as you get older.

To help you make a decision, please have a look at our Investment Funds hub to find out about the different funds that are available and their associated risk levels.